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Bus Bars Washers - C Shaped
Clamps and Brackets Washers - Centering
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Insulators Washers - Flat
Jumpers Washers - Lock
Retaining Rings Washers - Odd Shaped ID
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Spring Clips Washers - Shoulder
Tags Washers - Split
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Washers - Terminal Cup

Split Washers

Definition: Split washers are designed to be twisted onto a bolt or shaft in a partially completed assembly or to take up end play. The use of fibre, an insulating material, or steel, a conductive and higher strength material, depends on the application.

Split Washers are available in the following materials and finishes:

  • Fibre (fiber): No Finishes
  • Cold Rolled Steel (Steel): Black Oxide, Cadmium types I & II, Chrome, Degreasing, Bright Nickel, Pickling, Phosphate, Silver, Bright Tin, Hot Tin Dip, and Zinc types I & II

Split Washer: 5627-Style 1
Split Washer: 5627-Style 2
Split Washer: 5727-Style 1
Split Washer: 5727-Style 2

Example: Split Washer

Style 1 Style 2