Seastrom FAQs
Q: What type of products does Seastrom manufacture? A: Seastrom manufactures electrical and electronic assembly hardware for all industries. Our products are precision, close tolerance parts that are used in products that impact our lives, from airplanes and the space shuttle to computers and lip stick tubes.
Q:Where does Seastrom manufacture their products? A: All Seastrom products are manufactured in the USA.
Q: Does Seastrom stock its on-line catalog products? A: Seastrom makes every effort to stock it’s online catalog products.
Q: Is the stock on the accurate? A: Yes, it is updated every two hours so there is a small chance that the actual stock number may be different.
Q: What materials are available through Seastrom? A: The materials listed below are for our standard Seastrom products, Seastrom will quote any material necessary for your application that is within it’s ability to manufacture. Metallic: Cold Rolled Steel (CRS), Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Beryllium Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Sold, Titanium Non-Metallic: Delrin, Fibre, Glass Epoxy G10, Glass Melamine G9, Glass Silicone G7, Kapton, PCTFE, Mica, Mylar, Nylon, Phenolic, Polythylene, PVC, Santoprene, PTFE (For more in depth information on the materials used please refer to our Tables of Properties, Material Characteristic and Specification documents.)
Q: What are Seastrom’s delivery standards for stock standard products? A: We ship within 48 hours of order receipt if in stock.
Q: What are Seastrom’s minimum quantity requirements? A: Our minimum for stock products is one piece. The minimum for product that needs to be manufactured is 100 pieces.
Q: What are pre-packaged parts? A: Seastrom is the supplier for McMaster Carr, MSC and Amazon for assembly hardware. Their parts come in set quantity packages and can be reordered from us or McMaster Carr, MSC or Amazon.
Q: What is the difference between ANSI Standard Washers and Seastrom Standard Washers? A: ANSI Standard washers follow the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) specifications for Type B Plain Washers (ANSI B18.22.1). These washers feature outside dimensions (OD) that are defined as Narrow, Regular and Wide for each standard screw size. Seastrom Standard washers are available in standard and non-standard sizes and materials. These washers are the result of customer demands over the eighty year existence of Seastrom Manufacturing. Most are stocked and ready to be shipped.
Q: What if I don’t see the washer size I need? A: Seastrom uses universal die sets, so we can manufacture virtually any ID/OD combination under 3” inside diameter (ID) and 4” outside diameter (OD). Seastrom also manufactures washers in a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic materials.
Q: Do you offer discounts for distributors? A: No. Seastrom offers quantity discounts to all of its customers.
Q: What kind of technical expertise does Seastrom bring to the table? A: Seastrom has a full in-house engineering department, tool & die department and quality control department.
Q: What are Seastrom’s manufacturing capabilities? A: Custom stamping, CNC machining, mulit-spindle screw machining, four-slide, secondary operations, assembly and specialty packaging.
Q: How do I request information from Seastrom? A: There are several different methods to request information:
  1. Send an email request to
  2. Call our customer service representatives at 800-634-2356