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Shoulder Washers

• Used to insulate a screw, shaft, rivet or wire from a chassis (panel).
• Used as a bushing.

Fiber 5604

• Low cost
• Good mechanical properties
• Fair electrical insulator (150-250 v/mil)
• Not recommended for humid environments

Kel-F 5609

• Very expensive
• Good electrical insulator (530 v/mil)
• Fair mechanical properties
• Relatively high temperature resistance
• Extremely low water absorption rate

Insulating a screw or solder lug from a chassis.

Nylon 5607

• Good electrical insulator (385 v/mil)
• High strength
• Good anti -frictional properties
• Heat resistant to 300ºF

To bush and insulate a metal tube (sleeve) from a plate.

Phenolic (LE) 5605

• Higher fabrication cost than nylon or fibre
• Fair electrical insulator (225 v/mil)
• Good cold flow resistance
• Fair water absorption rate
• Relatively hard material surface

PTFE 5608

• Good electrical insulator (480 v/mil)
• Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
• High temperature resistance
• Very low water absorption rate
• Excellent anti-frictional properties

Shoulder washers insulate transistor from screw and chassis.