Shoulder Washers

Shoulder Washer, Sleeve Bushing, Flanged Bushing

shoulder washer drawing shoulder washer drawing

Insulating a screw or solder lug from a chassis.

shoulder washer drawing

To bush and insulate a metal tube (sleeve) from a plate.

Shoulder washers, sleeve bushings or flanged bushings are designed for a variety of applications. A shoulder washer insulates a screw, rivet or wire from a chassis or assembly. A sleeve or flanged bushing is inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications. The flange on the bushing is used to positively locate the bushing when it is installed or to provide a thrust bearing surface.

Shoulder Washers are available in the following materials and finishes:

  • Fiberglass: No Finishes
  • Fibre (fiber): No Finishes
  • Nylon: No Finishes
  • PCTFE: No Finishes
  • Phenolic: No Finishes
  • PTFE: No Finishes
Fiberglass Shoulder Washer: 5603 Fibre Shoulder Washer: 5604 Phenolic Shoulder Washer: 5605 Nylon Shoulder Washer: 5607 PCTFE Shoulder Washer: 5609 PTFE Shoulder Washer: 5608