Laminated Washers

Laminated Washers

All laminated round, flat washers are flat discs with a centrally located hole whose thickness can be adjusted by peeling off a layer to fit a variable height requirement.

flat washer drawing flat washer drawing flat washer drawing

Applications: Laminated metallic flat washers are used in applications requiring a bearing surface for fasteners to minimize surface wear, as well as, evenly distributing fastener loads to minimize surface deformation when the fastener is tightened. They are, also, used to cover large clearance holes. Metallic flat washers can conduct electricity and provide more compression strength than non-metallic flat washers.

Laminated Flat Round Washers are available in the following materials:

  • Laminated Aluminum
  • Laminated Brass
  • Laminated Steel
  • Laminated Stainless Steel