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Spring Washers

• Applies a predetermined force on adjacent members in an assembly.
• Dampens vibration.
• Eliminates side or end-play.
• Controls end pressure.
• Keeps fasteners secure.
• Accommodates thermal or pressure expansions and contractions.
• Applies drag or resistance to turning.
• Available in Beryllium Copper and Spring Steel (carries higher loads).

Conical/Belleville 5808

• Supports relatively high loads with relatively small deflection
• Variable load-deflection characteristics depending on ration of height to thickness
• Commonly used to maintain tension of assemblies in conditions of thermal expansion and contraction
• Maintains tension under bolt heads

Crescents 5804

• Supports relatively light loads with relatively wide deflection range
• Uniform spring rate over deflection range
• Best suited for applications which require flexibility, frequent load cycling and light loads
• Linear load-deflection characteristics

Compartment door latch preloaded with Cresent Washer.

Dome 5810

• Very high load capacity with very small deflective

Wave 5806

• Moderate load capacity with moderate deflection range
• Often used as cushion springs or spacers on a shaft
• Linear load-deflection characteristics to approximately 80% of maximum deflection

Bearing preloaded with a wave washer.

Single Wave 5807

• Similar to crescent washers with a flat bearing surface to minimize abrasion for soft assemblies/surfaces