Finish Abbreviations


Unless stated, all category parts are supplied without finish. If a particular finish is required, it must be indicated by the addition of a suffix to the part number
as shown below.

Anodize, Type I A1
Anodize, Type II A2
Anodize, Type III A3
Black Oxide BO
Cadmium Plate, Type I C1
Cadmium Plate, Type II C2
Chem Film CF
Chrome CHR
Nickel Plate N
Passivate P
Phosphate PH
Silver Plate S
Bright Tin T
Tin Plate T1
Tin Dip T2
Tin Lead Plate TL1
Tin Lead Dip TL2
Zinc Plate, Type II (Yellow) Z2
Zinc Plate, Type III (Clear) Z3

EXAMPLE: 5710-85-16-P -- Indicates part is Passivated on all catalog items stating a cadmium plated finish, the standard finish may be either Type I or Type II except spring clips which are Type II only.

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