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Miscellaneous Electrical Hardware

Bus Bars 5000, 5002, 5010, 5011, 5008

• Provides a means of connecting a multiple of terminals with one solid piece — as opposed to individually wiring the terminals
• Saves assembly time and labor
• Normally used on terminal blocks

Flexible Grounding Straps 5025

• A hardware component which provides an electrical connection between two terminals
• Due to the flat and flexible characteristics of the strap, the location of the two terminals need not be consistent from one assembly to another
• Available in insulated and non-insulated forms

Jumpers 5006, 4805, 4808

• Provides a means of connecting two terminals with one solid piece thus saving assembly time
• Normally used on terminal blocks

Terminal Blocks 5904

• A molded assembly which contains a number of screw terminals that can be bused and wired together

Insulating Strips 5102

• One style has two holes — it provides a means to mechanically connect two surfaces or components, while maintaining electrical insulation between them.
• The other style has one hole and is used to insulate a single terminal