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Loop Clamp – Nylon

  • Loop clamps are used to hold or clamp a wire or tube in its proper location in an assembly.
  • Use our Quick Search below to source nylon loop clamps from our wide selection of options.

  • Available Materials: Nylon loop clamps
  • Available Finishes: Dyed black loop clamps

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    Did you know Seastrom is more than loop clamps? We manufacture and stock over 44,000 part numbers to make your washer & fastener sourcing job easy.

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberD (Ref Comp Dia)AWBTMaterialFinishStockLeadtimeGet Pricing
    5316-10.1250.1400.3750.3290.050Nylon 4591In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-1-BLK0.1250.1400.3750.3290.050NylonBlack107In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-20.1250.1670.3750.3290.050Nylon 1818In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-30.1250.1670.5000.3150.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-40.1250.2030.3750.3290.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-50.1250.2030.5000.3150.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-60.1870.1400.3750.3780.050Nylon 3904In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-70.1870.1670.3750.3780.050Nylon 593In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-80.1870.1670.5000.4250.050Nylon 17In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-90.1870.2030.3750.3780.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-9-BLK0.1870.2030.3750.3780.050NylonBlack06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-100.1870.2030.5000.4250.050Nylon 950In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-110.2500.1400.3750.4100.050Nylon 4063In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-120.2500.1670.3750.4100.050Nylon 2385In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-130.2500.1670.5000.4100.050Nylon 958In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-140.2500.2030.3750.4100.050Nylon 16463In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-150.2500.2030.5000.4100.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-160.3120.1400.3750.4950.050Nylon 2966In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-170.3120.1670.3750.4950.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-17-BLK0.3120.1670.3750.4950.050NylonBlack06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-180.3120.1670.5000.5000.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-190.3120.2030.3750.4950.050Nylon 3727In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-200.3120.2030.5000.5000.050Nylon 1972In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-210.3750.1400.3750.5950.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-220.3750.1670.3750.5950.050Nylon 2382In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-230.3750.1670.5000.5300.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-240.3750.2030.3750.5950.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-250.3750.2030.5000.5300.050Nylon 306In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-260.4370.1400.3750.5740.050Nylon 184In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-270.4370.1670.3750.5740.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-280.4370.1670.5000.5600.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-290.4370.2030.3750.5740.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-300.4370.2030.5000.5600.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-310.5000.1400.3750.6050.050Nylon 78In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-320.5000.1670.3750.6050.050Nylon 507In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-32-BLK0.5000.1670.3750.6050.050NylonBlack02-3 Weeks for <= 507 Call for Delivery for > 507Price
    5316-330.5000.1670.5000.5950.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-340.5000.2030.3750.6050.050Nylon 14887In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-350.5000.2030.5000.5950.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-360.5620.1670.5000.6060.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-370.5620.2030.3750.6060.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-380.5620.2030.5000.6060.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-390.6250.1670.5000.6550.050Nylon 740In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-400.6250.2030.3750.6780.050Nylon 1654In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-410.6250.2030.5000.6550.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-420.6870.1670.5000.7550.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-430.6870.2030.5000.7550.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-440.7500.1670.5000.7800.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-450.7500.2030.5000.7800.050Nylon 526In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-460.8120.1670.5000.8150.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-470.8120.2030.5000.8150.050Nylon 2515In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-480.8750.1670.5000.8450.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-490.8750.2030.5000.8450.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-5010.2030.5000.9100.050Nylon 1345In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-511.1250.2030.5000.9700.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-521.1870.2030.50010.050Nylon 2954In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-531.2500.2030.5001.0600.050Nylon 4151In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5316-541.3750.2030.5001.1250.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice
    5316-551.5000.2030.5001.1900.050Nylon 06-7 WeeksPrice

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