Water Jet

advancing what is possible


  • Rapid production
  • Water jet bed capacity of 4' x 8'
  • Ability to cut most metallic & non-metallic materials up to 4' x 8' and
      up to 7" thick
  • Excellent for prototype parts

This technology uses a very high pressure stream of water to achieve both accurate and sophisticated part fabrication. One optimal benefit is that parts can be produced rapidly without additional cost of tooling. Seastrom's water jet machine has a total bed capacity of 4'x 8' and has the ability to cut most metallic and non-metallic materials up to 4' x 8' and up to 7" thick.

A waterjet is a cutting machine that utilizes a high pressure stream of water delivering abrasive to erode a narrow line in stock material. A software program controls the direction of the waterjet stream offering fast, accurate cutting for all types of shapes while also cutting a wide range of materials with no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) or change in material. An abrasive is added to the waterjet, increasing power to work with thicker and wider range of materials from tool steel, titanium, or even foam. This fast, accurate cutting technology makes it possible for any operator to make any part without trial-and-error programming. Seastrom Manufacturing utilizes the waterjet to make fast, accurate cutting for all types of shapes especially in the ability to produce prototype parts where the cost of tooling in traditional processes would be prohibitive. Using garnet sand as the abrasive, our waterjet cutting is now used in applications for the Purely Custom Fit bike, tractor transmissions and aerospace components.