Swiss CNC Automatic Lathe

advancing what is possible


  • High Precision
  • 7 Axis
  • Up to 20 millimeter diameter
  • Most metallic and non-metallic including exotics

Our Swiss CNC Automatic Lathe is ideal for highly precise and complex turned parts. Seastrom’s Swiss CNC include 7-axis capabilities with a 10,000 rpm spindle, and an additional X2 axis which makes front and back part machining possible simultaneously. Together, these capabilities allow for parts that have multiple features, such as cross drilling, tapping, milling and back end part work. This machine is designed to provide price competitive, highly precise intricate turned parts, and is able to produce those parts with most metallic and non-metallic material types, including exotic materials, such as Titanium, Inconel and Hastelloy.

As a full-service precision parts producer, our Swiss CNC screw machine allows for efficient production of parts on a continuous basis with high accuracy, low cycle time, and very little human intervention. This production efficiency enables us to drive down unit cost per interchangeable part as compared to other processes.

Seastrom also offers in-house secondary services such as assembly, laser engraving, and special packaging. For parts requiring special treating or coating processes, Seastrom utilizes industry certified suppliers to produce parts with any type of plating or finish needed for your specification. All of our precision screw machined parts meet or exceed top industry quality standards.