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  • High Precision
  • Prototype
  • Short & long run capabilities
  • Most all machinable metals & non-metals

Seastrom Manufacturing utilizes Davenport multi-spindle screw machines to be able to rapidly produce complex turned parts up to 7/8" diameter. These machines are capable of completing multi-operation parts, making the process extremely efficient and eliminating the need for many costly secondary operations.

As a full service precision manufacturing company, our multi spindle screw machines specialize in high-volume production, efficiently producing thousands of parts on a continuous basis with high accuracy, low cycle time, and very little human intervention. This production efficiency is able to drive down the unit cost per interchangeable part as compared to other processes.

We also offer in house secondary services such as assembly, deburring , laser engraving, and special packaging along with utilizing certified suppliers to produce parts with any type of plating or finish needed for your specification. All of our precision multi spindle screw machined parts meet or exceed top industry standards.