Four Slide

advancing what is possible


  • No carry strip-low material waste
  • Multi-bend and wrapped parts
  • Ribbon or wire metallic materials
  • Forming and cut aways
  • Cost effective tooling
  • Short and long run capabilities
  • Most machinable metals

Our Four Slide process provides a unique and cost effective process that combines forming and stamping all in one machine. It is ideal for multi-bend and wrapped parts, such as electrical contacts, flat springs, and spring or component clips. All four-slide tooling is created in-house by Seastrom's tool and die department, and can be incorporated with other features such as in die tapping capabilities eleminating secondary operations to produce low cost parts.

Seastrom Manufacturing understands and excels in custom four slide stamping. We manufacture cost-effective and high-quality components for a multitude of industries, including defense, aerospace, medical and consumer applications. Our four slide process is an excellent way to achieve high volume manufacturing of small stamped components from bar, strip or wire stock.

Seastrom Manufacturing is your full service precision manufacturing company, offering in house secondary services such as deburring and special packaging. We utilize certified suppliers to produce parts with any type of plating or finish needed for your specification. All of our four slide stamped products meet or exceed top industry standards.