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For many years, Seastrom Manufacturing has worked side by side With our customers To assist In developing parts that will work For their applications. Seastrom offers several manufacturing capabilities And processes, all the more reason to trust the experience And many years of industry knowledge that Seastrom 's engineers employ to develop the most cost effective and efficient process to produce your part.

As a full service precision manufacturing company, our engineers utilize state of the art design programs and are focused on finding the best process to produce the best part for your application.

Seastrom engineers are also knowledgeable of our other in house secondary services such as assembly, deburring, and special packaging along with utilizing certified suppliers to produce parts with any type of plating or finish needed for your specification.

To find a wealth of engineering data relating to all aspects of our products, including material characteristics, properties, thicknesses, finishes and workmanship acceptance standards.


If you have any questions regarding a part for your application, let one of our experienced engineers help you at 800-634-2356.