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Solder Lug, Locking Tooth Solder Lug

  • A locking tooth solder lug is the point at which a wire from an electrical component or device soldered and then it provides a point of connection to an external circuit by way of a screw or rivet. The locking teeth prevent the interruption of the electrical connection by preventing the screw from loosening. This locking tooth solder lug is available in both flat and formed configurations.
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  • Available Materials: Brass locking tooth solder lugs
  • Available Finishes: Tin plated locking tooth solder lugs, tin dip locking tooth solder lugs (other finishes also available)

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberLWA (Formed Angle °)D1D2TScrew SizeFinishMaterialStockLeadtimeGet Pricing
    5442-100.4420.312900.1470.0930.0206Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 4053 Call for Delivery for > 4053Price
    5442-110.4420.312900.1720.0930.0208Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 1030 Call for Delivery for > 1030Price
    5442-120.4420.312900.2000.0930.02010Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 730 Call for Delivery for > 730Price
    5442-90.4420.312900.1200.0930.0204Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 7049 Call for Delivery for > 7049Price
    5442-200.6400.302450.1190.0920.0186Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 7000 Call for Delivery for > 7000Price
    5442-210.6400.302450.1460.0920.0188Bright TinBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-220.6400.302450.1720.0920.01810Bright TinBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-230.6400.320450.1210.0920.0184Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 2042 Call for Delivery for > 2042Price
    5442-240.6400.320450.1470.0920.0186Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 2411 Call for Delivery for > 2411Price
    5442-250.6400.320450.1720.0920.0188Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 2726 Call for Delivery for > 2726Price
    5442-260.6400.320450.1990.0920.01810Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 2127 Call for Delivery for > 2127Price
    5442-50.6410.312450.1200.0930.0204Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 1071 Call for Delivery for > 1071Price
    5442-5-T20.6410.312450.1200.0930.0204Tin DipBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-5-TL10.6410.312450.1200.0930.0204Tin LeadBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-5-TL20.6410.312450.1200.0930.0204Tin Lead DipBrass04-5 Weeks for <= 1071 8-9 Weeks for > 1071Price
    5442-60.6410.312450.1470.0930.0206Bright TinBrass313In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5442-70.6410.312450.1720.0930.0208Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 2653 Call for Delivery for > 2653Price
    5442-80.6410.312450.2000.0930.02010Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 9690 Call for Delivery for > 9690Price
    5442-8-TL20.6410.312450.2000.0930.02010Tin Lead DipBrass04-5 Weeks for <= 9690 8-9 Weeks for > 9690Price
    5442-170.7200.30200.1190.0920.0184Bright TinBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-180.7200.30200.1460.0920.0186Bright TinBrass04-5 Weeks for <= 265 8-9 Weeks for > 265Price
    5442-190.7200.30200.1720.0920.018j8Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 106 Call for Delivery for > 106Price
    5442-130.7200.32000.1210.0920.0184Bright TinBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-140.7200.32000.1470.0920.0186Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 804 Call for Delivery for > 804Price
    5442-160.7200.32000.1990.0920.01810Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 1174 Call for Delivery for > 1174Price
    5442-1-T20.7320.31200.1200.0930.0204Tin DipBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-20.7320.31200.1470.0930.0206Bright TinBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-30.7320.31200.1720.0930.0208Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 1890 Call for Delivery for > 1890Price
    5442-3-TL20.7320.31200.1720.0930.0208Tin Lead DipBrass0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5442-40.7320.31200.2000.0930.02010Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 1805 Call for Delivery for > 1805Price
    5442-10.7320.31200.1200.0930.0204Bright TinBrass08-9 Weeks for <= 1161 Call for Delivery for > 1161Price

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