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Cord Clamp, Strain Relief Cord Clamp, Strain Relief Clamp

  • Cord clamps are used to clamp a tube, wire, hose or cord in its proper location in an assembly. The cord clamps prevent wires from being pulled off of terminals.
  • Use our Quick Search below to source brass cord clamps from our wide selection of options.

  • Available Materials: Brass cord clamps
  • Available Finishes: Cadmium plated cord clamps (other finishes also available)

  • If you need additional information on your particular cord clamp application click on one of the links below:
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         View metallic material characteristic information
         View finish characteristic information

    Did you know Seastrom is more than cord clamps? We manufacture and stock over 44,000 part numbers to make your washer & fastener sourcing job easy.

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