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Belleville Spring Washer, Conical Spring Washer

  • Belleville or conical spring washers are commonly used to maintain the tension in assemblies when there are conditions of thermal expansion and contraction. Belleville spring washers are designed to support relatively high loads with relatively small deflection. Their variable load-deflection characteristics depend on the ratio of height to thickness.

  • Use our Quick Search below to source spring steel Belleville spring washers and stainless steel 301-304 Belleville spring washers from our wide selection of options.

  • Available Materials: Spring steel Belleville spring washer, stainless steel 301-304 Belleville spring washer
  • Available Finishes: Black oxide coated Belleville spring washer, cadmium plated Belleville spring washer, nickel plated Belleville spring washer, passivated Belleville spring washer, silver plated Belleville spring washer, tin plated Belleville spring washer, zinc plated Belleville spring washer (other finishes also available)

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    Note: Load at Flat, Max Load and Max Deflection are calculated based on equations for static applications using a yield stress of 220ksi for spring steel and 110ksi for stainless steel. These calculated values are to be used as a guideline only.

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberABCTh (inches)h/T RatioLoad at Flat (LBS)†Max Load (LBS)†MaterialFinishStockLeadtimeGet Pricing
    5809-1-50.0530.1250.0130.0050.0081.60010.5972.478Stainless Steel 301-304 233In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-51-50.0560.1250.0100.0050.00517.0173.284Spring Steel 72In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-333-50.0560.1250.0100.0050.00516.7491.765Stainless Steel 301-304 915In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-356-60.0650.1500.0150.0060014.4063.425Stainless Steel 301-304 55In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-52-100.0660.1560.0250.0100.0151.500106.04318.808Spring Steel 20850In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-52-10-N0.0660.1560.0250.0100.0151.500106.04318.808Spring SteelNickel159In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-296-120.0660.1560.0250.0120.0131.083152.74611.077Stainless Steel 301-304 1394In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-54-80.0660.3120.0180.0080.0101.2508.7485.929Spring Steel 506In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-302-8-N0.0780.1500.0160.0080.008134.3959.675Spring SteelNickel24In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-55-80.0780.1500.0280.0080.0202.50085.98821.297Spring Steel 22063In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-297-120.0780.1500.0320.0120.0201.667279.12916.575Stainless Steel 301-304 3203In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-56-100.0780.1870.0200.0100.010148.99313.559Spring Steel 500000In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-3-100.0840.1980.0250.0100.0151.50063.3669.647Stainless Steel 301-304 5773In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-59-100.0870.1960.0250.0100.0151.50068.26218.785Spring Steel 399In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-224-100.0900.1720.0250.0100.0151.50096.18420.614Spring Steel 3510In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-223-100.0930.2150.0220.0100.0121.20044.97815.11Spring Steel 1522In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-1-100.0940.1870.0250.0100.0151.50079.4119.955Spring Steel 4182In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-1-10-BO0.0940.1870.0250.0100.0151.50079.4119.955Spring SteelBlack Oxide1410In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-1-10-N0.0940.1870.0250.0100.0151.50079.4119.955Spring SteelNickel873In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-2-100.0940.2500.0400.0100.030380.27135.183Spring Steel 6339In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-3-160.0940.3120.0600.0160.0442.750302.86874.955Spring Steel 65In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-60-50.0940.3430.0200.0050.01532.6055.292Spring Steel 140In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-61-100.0940.3750.0500.0100.040446.6639.593Spring Steel 1296In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-5-100.0950.1770.0150.0100.0050.50029.6276.594Stainless Steel 301-304 8245In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-4-80.0950.1840.0190.0080.0111.37530.0946.076Stainless Steel 301-304 34889In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-4-8-P0.0950.1840.0190.0080.0111.37530.0946.076Stainless Steel 301-304Passivate102In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-292-100.0960.2650.0400.0100.030370.99934.413Spring Steel 37225In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-62-100.0970.2030.0300.0100.020287.50725.562Spring Steel 76In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-6-60.1030.2000.0310.0060.0254.16725.35220.718Spring Steel 5163In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-64-320.1030.3120.0550.0320.0230.7191272.95115.193Spring Steel 642In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-217-100.1090.1870.0290.0100.0191.900112.21326.813Spring Steel 1535In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-217-10-N0.1090.1870.0290.0100.0191.900112.21326.813Spring SteelNickel1480In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-6-100.1090.1870.0290.0100.0191.900107.92813.526Stainless Steel 301-304 192In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-324-100.1110.3750.0450.0100.0353.50039.14318.895Stainless Steel 301-304 244In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-188-120.1120.1870.0440.0120.0322.667335.45755.411Spring Steel 369In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-7-120.1120.1870.0440.0120.0322.667322.64628.372Stainless Steel 301-304 18996In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-179-120.1160.1880.0250.0120.0131.083139.28825.321Spring Steel 422068In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-179-12-N0.1160.1880.0250.0120.0131.083139.28825.321Spring SteelNickel2137In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-226-100.1160.2200.0240.0100.0141.40055.1518.741Spring Steel 2091In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-9-10-P0.1160.2200.0240.0100.0141.40053.0439.717Stainless Steel 301-304Passivate58In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-10-200.1160.3820.0780.0200.0582.900500.42364.225Stainless Steel 301-304 3605In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-69-320.1180.3750.0500.0320.0180.563687.359105.271Spring Steel 12998In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-7-50.1190.2000.0300.0050.025516.46218.491Spring Steel 186In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-313-250.1200.2700.0470.0250.0220.880824.7587.249Spring Steel 162In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-71-450.1200.3650.0600.0450.0150.3331686.315211.778Spring Steel 2740In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-11-60.1250.2500.0150.0060.0091.5005.5213.196Stainless Steel 301-304 23223In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-72-100.1250.2500.0200.0100.010129.53113.866Spring Steel 74604In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-73-200.1250.2500.0450.0200.0251.250590.62871.388Spring Steel 16460In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-73-20-BO0.1250.2500.0450.0200.0251.250590.62871.719Spring SteelBlack Oxide45In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-74-320.1250.3120.0500.0320.0180.5631027.05120.667Spring Steel 70258In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-300-300.1250.3120.0500.0300.0200.667904.38355.45Stainless Steel 301-304 639In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-191-120.1260.2240.0180.0120.0060.50041.34819.148Spring Steel 6092In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-12-120.1260.2240.0180.0120.0060.50039.7699.783Stainless Steel 301-304 24990In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-232-160.1270.2500.0570.0160.0412.563500.46889.104Spring Steel 28490In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-13-160.1270.2500.0570.0160.0412.563481.35645.948Stainless Steel 301-304 16755In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-11-80.1280.2500.0200.0080.0121.50018.39511.285Spring Steel 10063In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-4-100.1280.3180.0600.0100.050583.90664.715Spring Steel 35031In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-4-160.1280.3180.0600.0160.0442.750302.43784.876Spring Steel 6In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-75-320.1280.4370.0500.0320.0180.563504.95100.481Spring Steel 8In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-75-32-N0.1280.4370.0500.0320.0180.563504.95100.481Spring SteelNickel490In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-75-32-PH0.1280.4370.0500.0320.0180.563504.95100.481Spring SteelPhosphate156In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-76-16-Z30.1280.5500.0600.0160.0442.75098.21762.911Spring SteelZinc Type III93In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-77-160.1280.6250.0600.0160.0442.75077.0258.017Spring Steel 18833In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-78-120.1300.2430.0200.0120.0080.66745.08118.915Spring Steel 4675In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-14-120.1300.2430.0200.0120.0080.66743.369.899Stainless Steel 301-304 1093In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-233-120.1300.2710.0320.0120.0201.66785.00730.151Spring Steel 38110In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-15-120.1300.2710.0320.0120.0201.66781.7615.785Stainless Steel 301-304 14329In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-79-200.1300.3650.0400.0200.0201199.11150.969Spring Steel 83822In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-235-80.1320.2430.0170.0080.0091.12515.1939.229Spring Steel 1431In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-17-120.1320.3000.0460.0120.0342.833109.42226.097Stainless Steel 301-304 4424In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-80-120.1330.3000.0450.0120.0332.750110.71949.077Spring Steel 515In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-80-160.1330.3000.0450.0160.0291.813230.63557.466Spring Steel 5682In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-81-160.1330.3120.0600.0160.0442.750319.2787.788Spring Steel 3349In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-81-16-BZ0.1330.3120.0600.0160.0442.750319.2787.788Spring SteelBlack Zinc3716In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-236-160.1380.2710.0310.0160.0150.938156.04237.681Spring Steel 10922In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-18-160.1380.2710.0310.0160.0150.938150.08319.641Stainless Steel 301-304 6In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-82-100.1440.2810.0300.0100.020247.42324.899Spring Steel 14284In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-20-100.1440.2810.0300.0100.020245.61213.109Stainless Steel 301-304 790In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5809-20-10-P0.1440.2810.0300.0100.020245.61213.109Stainless Steel 301-304Passivate1198In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-83-120.1440.3000.0500.0120.0383.167131.83659.308Spring Steel 7495In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-83-12-Z30.1440.3000.0500.0120.0383.167131.83659.308Spring SteelZinc Type III99In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-239-160.1450.2740.0230.0160.0070.43872.99333.366Spring Steel 438In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-180-250.1450.3280.0470.0250.0220.880557.77485.738Spring Steel 5078In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-180-25-Z30.1450.3280.0470.0250.0220.880557.77485.738Spring SteelZinc Type III1913In Stock - Ready To Ship!
    5808-85-400.1480.3750.0550.0400.0150.3751153.048182.586Spring Steel 9912In Stock - Ready To Ship!

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